Shipping and payment


All deliveries leave as DHL package our house order package station. DHL generally requires a signature when the goods are delivered. That is why it is necessary for the package to be accepted by someone. If no one is found at the first delivery, a second delivery will take place on the following working day. If this attempt fails, the shipment goes back to the sender. When shipping again, LIGHTEU GmbH may reignite the shipping allowance.

shipping costs

Shipping costs apply across the board to the respective country of delivery. By default, we only ship to the countries listed below. The shipping costs incurred can be found in the table below. Weight, size or number of parcels per order are irrelevant to shipping cost calculation. There may be additional levies on cross-border deliveries, for example in the form of duties to be borne by you.

“We only deliver within Germany, Austria.
Within Germany and Austria 4.00 EUR including. Vat
By last name In addition to the standard shipping costs, EUR 6.90. Vat

Wish transfer appointments

Please understand that we do not make exceptions to shipping costs or the choice of shipping company (usually DHL), even if you wish for express request. No wish dates can be considered.

Delivery Time

The delivery time for stored goods is about one to two working days. There is no delivery for standard and express broadcasts on weekends. DHL does not cease on Sundays and public holidays. If, for once, an item is not in stock or not immediately available and the delivery time is extended accordingly, it will be pointed out separately on the respective product page and in the shopping cart.

Delivery times for each product in the shop are displayed in the form of a colored square next to the item number. It may happen that these delivery times do not apply or change if, for example, between your order and your payment, another customer orders and pays a larger quantity or a remaining item more quickly, or if suppliers correct your delivery times. If it is foreseen that the specified deliverability cannot be met, we will inform you about this by e-mail or telephone.


You can pay by advance, delivery, credit card or PayPal.